четверг, 4 ноября 2010 г.

Height for DateChooser (Smart GWT)

In our project we are using Smart GWT component (DateChooser) which allows user to select dates ranges. It looks like this:
date chooser height bug.

Smart GWT has a bunch of useful things (datasources, for example). But when I need some UI customization, sometimes I am having troubles :) And now I've got problems with height of the DateChooser component.

Both date choosers have height 200 px, but the right one is smaller then the left because it has only five week rows. Our tester is very carping guy :) though he had posted a bug in the bug tracker. I had spent some time and found a solution. All that I needed was to wrap DateChooser in a layout. I wrote simple helper method for doing this:

    public static Canvas wrapDateChooser(DateChooser dateChooser, String width, String height) {
        VLayout layout = new VLayout();
        return layout;

fixed date chooser bug

Go and close bug in JIRA, YEAH!

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