пятница, 20 августа 2010 г.

Fun with alfresco types.

Good day!

Yesterday, I had some fun with alfresco types and permissions. I've created simple type in my model that looks like this:
<type name="my:simpleType">
  <title>Simple type</title>
    <property name="my:prop">

I've included it as child-association to the other type and tried to create it:
Node simpleProp = parentNode.addProperty("my:parentProp", "my:simpleType");
  simpleProp.setProperty("my:prop", 1);//AccessDeniedException here!

But, when I ran JUnit test, it threw AccessDeniedException on setProperty for that node. I started debugging alfresco sources, but still I couldn't understand what is going on. Why can I create parent node, add node to association, but can not set property for this node???!!! I tried to use NodeService without JCR API, but I've got the same trouble. Then, I discovered all sources of alfresco's permission subsystem(PermissionServiceImpl, SecurityProvider, etc) with acegi, but still in vain :(

By the end of the day, I have got two cigarettes and zero ideas. After first cigarette, I was looking at my model trying to find problem and finally I've got it! My new type had no parent type! When I added

everything worked fine! That was hard day: one day - one string...fast work :)

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